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The Intranet Landing Page IS the Intranet!

Saturday, September 3, 2011
posted by saille429

The landing page is going to leap out at every staff member every time they open their web browser. When staff members talk about “The Intranet” they are talking less about all those documents, applications, training materials and forms, and more about the home page.

That’s why the landing page really counts. You already have the documents, applications, training materials and forms – the trouble is finding and accessing them. The landing page is like Google is to the web – a veneer over the top of all this that will make or break it. The landing page is THE page that everyone comes too. It should be the most dynamic page on the whole Intranet, updated frequently with the most important information, and nothing more.

The Intranet is a strange beast – its kind of like your own private Internet, but with lot of strange quirks, such as legacy technologies, security paranoia, and corporate politics thrown in for good measure. The key to a making good Intranet for your organization is to forget all of these things, and just make your Intranet fast, friendly and have people want to use it, not because they are required to, but simply because its the best way to find the information they need.

I wanted to share some thoughts on the subject of the corporate Intranet, so I have published a lightweight whitepaper to help organizations to focus on what really matters when building an Intranet. There’s less than 4 pages of reading, so I encourage you to have a look and leave your thoughts in a comment here.

Read it here: The Intranet Landing Page