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How do you measure the success of an Agile transformation? « Ocean Web

How do you measure the success of an Agile transformation?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
posted by daveb

If there is a measurable definition of what Agile is, Cycle Time is it. Cycle Time is Agile distilled down to it’s very essence, with all the sentiment stripped away. To be Agile is to be responsive. Responsiveness means keeping up with the business, because if you are not keeping up, you are lagging further and further behind.

If I could choose just one measurement of Agile success (and it’s probably a good idea to have just one measure) I’d choose Cycle Time – that is time (in days) to turn a request or requirement into delivered business value (i.e. in production).

This is a very objective measure that is hard to kid yourself on. It’s also easy to measure, and it has direct meaning to stakeholders, business users/customers and team members alike.

So to test your success in becoming more Agile (whatever that means) test your Cycle Time before and after your transformation. This is easy enough to do – take a look at how long your average feature request took from inception to production before and after your transformation.

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